Monday morning.

Coming off of a high this weekend. Thursday evening I sat alongside my friend as she labored and delivered her third baby. Can I just tell you. There is something so celestial about watching a baby be born. It’s other worldly. An out of body experience to watch history and watch a LIFE come into the world. This is the second baby I have helped her deliver and both times I walked away feeling raw. But in the best way. Life is so precious. 
To top it off, Sunday we gathered with friends and family to celebrate our baby turning 5. Her actual birthday is the 30th. But yesterday mostly just felt like “how is this happening!? Didn’t we just do her 1st birthday!?” as all moms think at each birthday. I’ll post a separate blog later on all the party details! 

Later this week we start prepping for back to school. Kindergarten. Kin. Der. Garten. 😳 And so starts the mess of emotions!
So this morning while it’s cool and feels like fall… we are going to stay in pajamas, open all the windows and let the fresh air in. I’ll drink my coffee and Piper and Oliver will play with some of her new gifts. Addie is into everything but it’s all easily cleaned up so I’ll let her dig through the cabinets a bit longer just so I can sit and come off the high. Happy Monday friends! Let’s slow down a bit. 


On Kindness. 

My mind boggles at the lack of kindness. The latest trend is to be unique and different…. But then there are riots and protestors on being “unique and different”. And while some of the differences being celebrated these days honestly leave me confused and heart broken… my job is still… to show love and kindness. Because really, Jesus started it all. 
And then you preach kindness to your kids. And have conversations with your husband about the kids. “All I really want them to be is nice humans.” 
When you actually see it play out in their interactions. That we open our arms to everyone without question and show them a love that Jesus would show. 
Because showing kindness is not optional. And being bold about it is brave but necessary. 
Our kids, for the last year and a half, have become friends with the florist at the grocery store. They know nothing about her, her family, her beliefs and morals. But they routinely ask to see Miss Vicki the second we pull into the parking lot. She’s moving at the end of the week to Arizona to take care of her ill sister. My kids have loved her like a longtime friend. Without hesitation or question.
I’ve loved watching them develop this relationship off of pure kindness and a smile and wave at the flower lady. Being kind is not optional. And now my kids have schooled me in my own lesson. 😉

Plant Lady

Let’s talk about house plants. Love them? Hate them? Real? Plastic?

I’m a strictly real house plant girl. That being said… I have two fake airplants. Ha! But only because I couldn’t find in real life just the right one for the particular space so I went to Hobby Lobby and got the plastic ones. 

I get questions all the time on how I care for my indoor plants so I thought I’d write a few quick tips here:

  1. Read the tag! House plants are easy. IF you read their care tag and follow the suggested sunlight and watering schedule. 
  2. Be careful what you plant in. Not all plants need a root system. Airplants have no roots and succulents have very short roots (which is why they’re always planted in the cutest containers!). Also, don’t move them to different containers. Find one and leave it. Just make sure it’s big enough to make a happy home for the plant. 
  3. Be aware of the change in sunlight during each season. My plants love the summer sun but if they get too hot they wither quickly. In the winter my plants tend to hangout by a window that doesn’t get too cold. 
  4. The pesty gnats! Honestly. Get ahead of the game! Somehow once there is one there are a billion! I sprinkle cinnamon on the soil and it prevents mildew, mold, and gnats! The gnats hate the smell of it and won’t lay their eggs there. 
  5. Drainage. What you can’t see below the surface of your plant is the most important part. If the roots are soaked in water or are in bad soil that can’t drain properly you will get rotty roots (😂). Be sure your pot has a hole at the bottom, or put some sand in the bottom before you put soil in to help soak up the extra water. 

House plants are tricky. And have a strong following of either lovers or haters. I am a lover. Because really truly, when I put a plant in a space that I’m not loving it instantly turns the space around. It shows detail while being a simple fix. And let’s be real, any chance to bring my love for my outdoor garden indoors — I’m game! Here’s a few of my current faves in the house. I was doing the weekly feed and they all looked so happy I had to take a couple quick pics.
 And yes, they’re named. Plants love conversation 😉 

My favorite little hanging shelf diy for one of my air plants. 

This guy is in a magnetic pot on my fridge which I love! My kitchen doesn’t have a lot of natural light so he is a cheery addition. (Also, check out that leather magnet I got at the Perry Street Fair this weekend! Right from a local artist here in Spokane. Thanks Colladay Leather!)

All the buddies together. 
Love this hanging cement pot from the Target dollar spot. More like Target 57 dollar spot by the time I’m done looking through all the treasures! 

This one is so fun! I’ve been training it to grow around this metal hoop I made from some thick wire. 

This little succulent stands about 2 inches tall. 

Farrah the fern is a petite little doll. Love the details on a fern. 

Paul the palm leafed plant. 

I’d love to hear from you! Have a favorite indoor plant? A question? I’m no expert but I love talking plants. 

Let’s eat.

A couple mornings a week my neighbor and I stand and chat through the fence while our dogs and my kids play. We solve world problems at the fence line. How to rid the yard of ants, recipes, where to get the best produce, what’s going on with the neighbor across the street, sometimes I talk about the kids and she shares the road already walked (her kids are in high school and college), and while Jesus isn’t often mentioned we both share a devotion. It’s in the language. In the gestures to take care of each other. After all that’s what we’re supposed to do.  

This morning she came bearing a gift. Raspberries fresh from picking! I felt so humbled (a strange emotion for a tub of raspberries) when she handed these over the fence to me. Her own hard work and care. Being handed right over to me to share her excitement in another year of bounty. 

What is it about food, a meal, sharing coffee, that makes my heart burst when shared with a friend! Am I the only one? I think it’s the idea in my head that someone thought of me to share with. Especially home grown. That she picked all these with us in mind. And she even mentioned that she remembered (from a conversation weeks ago) the kids love raspberries. 

So many times in the Bible we see meals being shared. *Jesus sitting down with his best mates. *Miracles being performed to supply more food. *Food being shared when there isn’t enough to share. There’s just something about a friend sitting at your table, on your couch, on the back deck and sharing a meal or coffee with them. It’s where the real relationship is grown. I have a handful of friends that when we share a cup of coffee together we solve our heartaches. Or at least lighten the burden a bit. One friend, she makes the best pastries. We had muffins last time and I don’t think she even knew how much it meant to be that she wanted to share with me! 

What’s that saying, “the way to the heart is through the stomach”? And now my kids fingers are stained and their tummies are full. 


Less of me. More of You. While we live in a self satisfying, self promoting world of self care millennials who put “I” first… I’m finding little to no reward in the “me” mentality that is overwhelmingly promoted lately. If you look at it from one point it’s enticing, it feels good, immediate gratification is porn for your emotions, but where is the fulfillment if you’re constantly chasing the “self care” train that surely will out run you. 

In worship on Sunday I met with my maker and asked where I’m going. A question looming over me for the last month or so. My checklist has been met. I’ve had the wedding, we’ve bought the house, we have the kids, we even have the dog. My checklist has been completed. So now what. Where do I go. My direction is not clear (or so I think.). Not that my life isn’t satisfying. I love my people, I love our life! These were the goals I’ve had since junior high. To be a mom, to be a wife. I’m there and I love it. But now that those goals are met I’m finding myself in limbo of what next…

And then just there. 

Quietly in the background, “just be Mom”. Do what I was called to do. 

The calling was already there, I had just forgotten about it. 

So in a world that forces “I” down our throats. That practically shames you for not participating in self care. I know my needs are met when I am doing His work. When I’m “wifeing”, and “moming”, doing what I was called to do on this earth – Jesus will meet me. Yes, of course there are days I will feel empty. But that’s smoke and mirrors. That’s not truth. Its just emotion spiked from a long day of parenting small people. The reality of it is I am overflowing with love, gratitude, joy, contentment, and we will go to sleep and have a new day tomorrow. 

Beyond Jesus I have a spouse who recognizes my role and praises me for the work taking place in these four walls. I have parents (the ones that raised me and the ones that have welcomed me) that encourage me. When you pour into others with love and compassion, you will surely in turn be poured into by those who acknowledge your efforts. 

My “self care” is less of making sure my needs are met and more of walking the path I’m called to, where along the way I will be taken care of by my tribe (that spouse, those family members, the tight handful of friends). After all, this whole thing (this massive rock rotating around in space as millions of people live and die everyday), this isn’t about me. It’s about Jesus. 


I should clear something up before we dive in together. This isn’t to self satisfy or get a pat on the back. It’s simply to stop clogging up my Instagram squares with long posts 😉 Read if you want. Don’t if you don’t. I won’t mind either way. Let’s just think of this as my journal. And that’s really my writing style anyway. So come along with me.  We’re better together. (And I’ll share photos of the weirdos that keep me busy all day.)